Project: Tracking Perceived Accessibility to Eco-Friendly Containers


Here at the University of California Berkeley, thousands of students purchase coffee or tea to go everyday, from a variety of vendors. At many stores across the UC campus as well as the city of Berkeley, drinks are sold in biodegradable or compostable containers, or can be discounted in price when customers bring reusable containers.

Although these supposed eco-friendly policies are quite pervasive in the area surrounding the campus, it is of great interest how these actually influence students' perception of sustainable consumption and material waste. Most of these discounts or other sustainable business practices have been the result of student activism, as well as the subsequent outreach about these initiatives' existence. 

I hope to do a study between different campuses around IARU to understand how eco-friendly business practices around coffee and tea are created, and barriers to their implementation and success. Some tentative steps to this study include:

-mapping establishments around campuses that engage in some sort of eco-friendly business practice on container waste -if customer participation is required, understanding how many people actually do the program -interviewing business owners and/or managers on attitudes around implementation or barriers posed

Hopefully, this is a study across many campuses and countries, to understand student participation in sustainable consumption, and the nature of associated barriers across borders.

Contact me at or here on this platform if you are interested or would like to learn more! All are welcome.

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