Project: Native Language and Ecological Attitude

This semester, I am conducting an independent research project based in the East Bay Region of Northern California, USA.

Partnering with Asian American Wellness Clinics in Oakland, Richmond, and San Jose, I've set out to investigate the relationship between the spoken language(s) of community members and their environmental and ecological behaviors.

Such will be done over a year by interviewing at least 60 self-identifying Asian American folks, inquiries to participate in the study will be done at wellness clinics, or by outreach based out of such clinics. Participants will be asked about their preferred language(s) to speak, what languages they use most often, as well as their perception of environmental-related topics and issues.

Currently seeking other people, preferably based in Northern California, to discuss planning in the project as well as interviewing. Others who are interested in the study or giving their input are also welcomed.

Contact me at! Thanks

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